What is Environmental Drilling?

What is Environmental Drilling?

If you’ve heard the term “environmental drilling,” you may be wondering what that term means. In a nutshell, environmental drilling is a type of drilling that focuses on investigating, monitoring, and remediating a job site. In this day and age, it’s vitally important to be environmentally responsible when drilling. Many companies are already moving towards more sustainable drilling practices such as Hagstrom Drilling, a drilling contractor in Perth WA.

Environmental Drilling Techniques

There are many different techniques used during the drilling process. One such example is air stripping, a remediation technique that is used to remove potentially harmful contaminants from ground water. Another example is bioremediation, a type of remediation in which environmental contaminants are naturally degraded.

Some techniques used may sound strange if you are unfamiliar with them. As an example, it’s not unusual to introduce microorganisms into the environment to help with the cleanup process.

If you compare these techniques to other drilling techniques, the difference is clear. These techniques are specifically designed to be as environmentally friendly as possible. The aim of these techniques is to protect the site that is being worked on.

Drilling Equipment

Many different types of equipment are used when drilling. One example of this is biopolymer mud. Using this mud, which is made from naturally-derived vegetable gums, allows you to safely drill without negatively impacting the performance of a well.

Rotary shakers are another type of equipment that is commonly seen on drilling sites. This equipment aids in the monitoring process, which is a very important aspect of drilling.

From heavy machinery to natural materials, you’ll see people using a number of things on job sites. Having the right equipment allows people to do what they need to do safely.

The Benefits Of Environmental Drilling

The benefits of this type of drilling should be clear. While many construction and drilling projects can be damaging in some way, this type of drilling is designed to have a minimal impact on the environment. Focusing on this type of drilling allows you to complete valuable tasks while reducing your carbon footprint.

Many of the methods used in environmental drilling allow workers to work quickly and safely. This type of drilling also allows workers to gather a great deal of useful information about the environment that they are working in.

Other Essential Aspects Of Environmental Drilling

If you’re interested in this type of drilling, you may want to familiarize yourself with some popular drilling terms. For example, the cavity that is created when drilling is known as the bore hole. When a worker is drilling fluid, they may describe the gel strength of the fluid.

If you spend time on a drilling site, you’ll start to hear people using these kinds of terms. While being confronted with so many new terms may seem overwhelming at first, you’ll eventually start to pick up a lot of these terms. Before long, you’ll be using these terms yourself.

Now that you have a better understanding of environmental drilling, you can start to learn more about the process. Read up on the tools and materials used when drilling. See what you can discover.