Explore and Experience these 5 beaches of Manly

Manly is most notable for its beaches and is a very popular destination with tourists

  1. Manly Beach are an iconic strip of sand and has been, and still is, the breeding ground for many surf champions. The easy spilling waves and large sand banks on the South side is ideal for beginner surfers, where the up to 5 meter high waves in the North suit the more experienced surfers.  The advanced surfers find their ‘Punchy Barrels’ to surf in the middle of the beach, where the ‘North Steyne Surf Club’ are situated, and all the way up to Queenscliff.
  2. Queenscliff Beach is the Northern Headland of the famous Manly Beach. Queenscliff Beach includes an offshore “bommie” which can handle seven meter high waves.  This is where you will find the Pro Surfers.  Other beach activities includes, Scuba diving, Beach Volleyball and kayaking.
  3. Forty Baskets Beach is a beautiful little enclave set in the protective landscape of Manly Cove in North Harbor. It has offerings of wonderful views, gentle waters and shaded grass areas.  You will find picnic and barbeque facilities, a swimming enclosure as well as swings.
  4. Curl Curl Beach is located ‘Dee Why Beach’ and ‘Freshwater Beach on the Northern Beaches side. This beach is one of the best beaches for surfing. A lagoon is situated in the Northern part and an Ocean swimming pool in the South.  The beach also offers good swimming and Body Board conditions.
  5. Freshwater Beach is part of ‘Manly-Freshwater National and World Surfing Research’. This is a stunning family oriented beach wedged between two Headlands.  A 50 meter, salt water, swimming pool, is a favorite with lap swimmers, are at the North end.  Surfboard riding was found here by a Hawaiian, ‘Duke’.

These are only a few of the many beaches and other nature orientated activities to explore in and around Manly.