Environmental Issues – Natural Disasters and Disasters caused by Human Practices

Environmental Issues – Natural Disasters and Disasters caused by Human Practices

5 Natural Disasters that have a huge influence on our environment

  1. Drought – No rainfall for a long period of time. All water sources, dams and reservoirs are influenced.  No water to be seen.
  2. Flood – Torrential rains for long periods causing rivers and dams to overflow, the strong currents taking with them everything in their wake; e.g. Houses, Vegetation, trees etc.
  3. Tidal Wave – Enormous wave, usually caused by an earthquake beneath sea level, sweeping inland, leveling everything as it goes.
  4. Earthquake – The earth shifts and moves causing everything on the surface to shake and roll. Can be caused by a fault in earth plates or even underground mining activities.
  5. Volcanic Eruption – Worldwide there are a few active Volcanoes that can erupt causing Lava Rivers that consume vegetation, houses, etc. as well as volcanic ash filling the atmosphere.

5 Human Activities that is destroying the Natural Environment

  1. Water Pollution – Water resources get dirtied by rubbish thrown in it, illegal dumping of substances, Businesses or Mines pumping dirty water in rivers, dams, streams, and even in the Ocean.
  2. Air Pollution – Exhaust fumes of motor cars, busses, etc. Coal fires, Pesticides that is used to kill insects, Aerosol that can be extremely toxic when sprayed in the air.
  3. Soil Pollution – Illegal waste dumping, Synthetic Chemicals. Major contributors to this are Agricultural byproducts, industrial operations and household chemicals.
  4. Inefficient use of Land – Natural spaces are being invaded by suburban developments, forests has to make room for agriculture and where mining activities took away natural habitat, it might never return.
  5. Invasive Species – Plant or Animal Species brought to a new area where they never were before, are called non-native and exotic. These plants or animals can flourish and take over, and even destroy native species. They become invasive.

All over the world, Countries work together to find solutions to improve pollution and focus on preserving the sources there still is.

Courtesy of http://visual.ly/pollution-types-sources-and-effects