Easy Ways to Make Your Home More Energy Efficient

Easy Ways to Make Your Home More Energy Efficient

#1. Insulate Your Home

A huge amount of energy is used for air conditioning. Whether it is cooling in the summer of warming during the winter months, many homeowners will constantly use their air conditioners. Insulation improves the efficiency of the heating and cooling of a house. It prevents heat exchanges between the outside environment and the interior environment, thereby retaining the properties of the conditioned air (warmth or coldness) much longer. As such, you end up using a lot less energy as the interior air is already conditioned. You can insulate your ceiling, the basement, the walls, the ceiling, and the floors to achieve comprehensive insulation.

#2. Install Water A Softener

The buildup of scale in water-using appliances negatively impacts their efficiency. With reduced efficiencies, the machines have to work harder and even work longer to produce the same level and quality of results. This results in more energy consumption. Installing and using a salt-free water softener (that has the capacity to reduce scale by a factor of up 99.6 %) or another efficient water softener type, you reduce the energy inefficiencies that arise due to scale.

#3. Install Weather Strips And Seals

One way of increasing energy efficiency in your home is to replace your windows and doors with more energy efficient options. For instance, in the case of windows, the double panel and PCV windows have been found to be more energy efficient than the traditional single pane aluminum frame windows. However, if these renovations prove to be far too complicated and expensive, you should use the more affordable and easier option of using weather strips and seals. By sealing our doors and windows, you prevent cool air from escaping outside during winter months and you prevent warm air from escaping out during the winter months.

#4. Replace Your Appliance With Energy Star Rated Appliances

With issues of climate change being at the fore of global discussions, more and more companies are engineering and designing electrical appliances that are more energy efficient. Such appliances are designed to use a lot less energy than their legacy counterparts, thereby reducing emissions that emanate from using domestic appliances. With this in mind, when the time comes to replace any electrical appliance you have in your home, opt for the Energy Star certified option. Whether you are replacing a huge electrical appliance such as a refrigerator or water heater or a lighting fixture, an Energy Star certified appliance is vastly more energy efficient.

#5. Do Not Over-Use And Miss Use Appliances

Do not over-use our electrical appliances, even when you have Energy Star certified appliances. By over-using and miss-using your appliances mean you end up consuming more energy than you should; as such, you end up wasting some energy. With this in mind, you should use your appliances when needed. For instance, do not overuse the thermostat as the constant change of temperature settings result in more energy use.

Finally, you should consider undertaking an energy inspection. The professionals who conduct these kinds of inspection are adept at identifying problems areas and giving you solutions.