Manly is a beach side suburb in Northern Sydney, New South Wales in Australia.  Situated approximately 17km North-East of Sydney’s’ Central Business district.

Manly was named by Captain Arthur Phillip, after having an unexpected meeting with a local Aboriginal clan.  A Military party was scouting for fresh water when they encountered members of the Guringai clan, feasting on a Whale.  The members of the Clan send chunks of Whale meat to the Governor and he visited them on land.  They had friendly conversation.  An older male with a spear entered.  A misunderstanding further; Governor Phillip were speared through the shoulder and they hastily left for their boat.

The Governor found the behavior of the Indigenous people, ‘manly and confident’.  For that reason he decided to name the place, ‘MANLY COVE’.

In 1850 Henry Gilbert Smith started envisioning Manly as a Seaside Resort.  He acquired two large parcels of land.  Manly could be reached by Paddle Steamer and later also by Ferry.

Manly became a popular Seaside Resort during the 19th and early 20th centuries.

Restrictions on daylight swimming were challenged first in Manly.  In 1903 all day bathing became allowed, provided you wore a ‘Neck to Knee’ swimming costume.  ‘Manly Life Saving Club’, one of the worlds’ first Surf Life Saving Clubs, was formed in 1904 after 17 people drowned the previous year during the official bathing season

A whole lot of firsts for the interesting town of Manly.