4 Water-Saving Bathroom Design Ideas

4 Water-Saving Bathroom Design Ideas

Much of the water used in most households today is used up in the bathroom. This happens in the form of leaky faucets, spending too much time in the shower, while shaving, using high-flow shower heads and taps among many others. Although most people do not notice this, more than 70% of water used in the bathroom is wasted hence doesn’t serve its purpose. Taking measures to reduce wastage of water in the bathroom can help reduce your water bills significantly, and contribute to saving the environment. Outlined below are a few tips we got from expert bathroom renovators WA Asset on how you can save water in the bathroom.

1. Install Low-Flow Shower Heads

Investing in low-flow shower heads can help save up to 75% of the water you’d use while taking a shower. The low-flow showerheads produce just enough water while reducing wastage. Some of the best showerheads in the industry have a water-sensing feature that saves water to the last drop. While you should be ready to spend a bit more on these, the overall long-term water savings on these is quite significant.

2. Check For Leaky Faucets

Leaky faucets (including under the sink) can cost you lots of money in water bills. Having all faucets and plumbing checked for leaks, and leaky/faulty ones replaced can save you lots of wasted water. It would also be advisable to have the entire home’s plumbing serviced and regularly maintained to avoid some of these issues. Investing in taps and faucets made of a durable material can also help reduce the risk of leaky faucets. Talking to your plumber about this, or a company specializing in the same can give you some insight on what to do.

3. Invest in a Low-Flow Tap

Taps too should be considered in your bathroom design. Instead of investing in regular taps, consider going for a low-flow tap with click technology. These types of taps allow just enough water for shaving or brushing your teeth, and closes automatically after a few seconds. This helps save up to 50% of water when shaving and brushing. Many people leave their taps running when shaving/brushing, investing in a low-flow tap with click technology should help solve the water wastage issue.

4. Don’t Take Too Long In The Shower

Many people take too long in the shower, with the shower running the entire time. Spending more time than necessary in the bathroom only leads to wastage of water. Reducing the amount of time you spend in the shower is a crucial factor in reducing how much water is used or wasted in the process. This is particularly important if you are already living with someone or a family. If each member cuts his/her time in half, it then means you will save gallons upon gallons of water per month.

These are just but some of the simple ways you can save water in the bathroom. It is however worth noting that, investing in water-saving faucets, taps, and showerheads, is the key to reducing water bills in the house. Having your plumber install these correctly, and letting everyone in the house know about your plans can help save lots of water in the process.